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Long Beach Water Services



404 Kohler Avenue

P.O. Box 929

Long Beach, MS 39560

(228) 863-0440 Office

Joe Culpepper - Director

Chris Hull - Superintendent Water & Sewer

Bryan Farrington - Shop Foreman

Jan Berry - Office Manager

Jamie Paige - Office Manager Water Department


Pay water bill in person at:

201 Jeff Davis Avenue

City Hall, 1st Floor

(228) 864-8531

- OR -

To mail payment- send to:

City of Long Beach Water Department

P.O.Box 630 

Long Beach, MS  39560

Online by clicking here

Direct Debit Cancellation Form

Direct Debit Authorization Form 

Utility Partners operates all sectors of Long Beach's Public Works department including streets; water and sewer; vehicle maintenance; parks, recreation and cemetery. The scope of services includes street maintenance, sewage pumping station maintenance, water distribution and collection, all metering functions, and water billing.



A severe cold snap can lead to frozen or broken pipes, which can stop water service and be expensive to repair.  Some steps to help you avoid such an emergency:

  •          Know the location of your shut-off valve.

  •          If you leave for the winter, or if you have an unoccupied house or building, notify the water department to turn off the water service.  Drain your system, disconnect and drain garden hoses and in-ground irrigation systems.

  •          Insulate any pipes or faucets that are located outside or in unheated areas.

If your pipes do freeze, place a warm towel or rag around the pipe or try a hair dryer with a low setting.  Never thaw a frozen pipe with a torch or open flame.  If your pipes break, shut off your water and water heater.  If you are unable to locate the shut off valve, call Public Works at (228) 863-0440 for assistance.

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