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Beatline Parkway


Inter-local Agreement - Long Beach, Pass Christian, Harrison County and MDOT 2040 Plan.

Letters of Support - Harrison County Development Commission, Harrison County Emergency Management and Current Route Businesses & Potential Businesses.

Project Updates / Public Input -Scheduled Town Hall Meetings once funding is in place.

Evacuation - Only 4 Lane Evacuation Route in West Harrison County for Long Beach and Pass Christian, Ability to get services in during disaster & after and Evacuation Route not easily susceptible to flooding.

Economic Development - Truck Route to and from I-I0 to Hwy 90, New Business Corridor, Access to Long Beach Industrial Park, Key to Economic Development in Long Beach and Pass Christian.

CSX Crossing / Quiet Zone/ Safety/ Large Vehicle - With proper planning and gates this could actually make the area a CSX Quiet Zone for residents. Crossing designed to accommodate long axle vehicles such as trucks and buses.

Traffic Control / Efficiency - Modern Traffic Control systems to enhance rather than inhibit traffic flow and safety while being visually inviting.

Environmental Impact - Current Study being done.

Straighten - Reroute to remove the two 90 degree turns.

4 lanes / Turning Bay - Smooth flow of traffic for businesses, residents and tourism traffic. Aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Enhanced Intersections - I-10, Red Creek Road, 28th Street, Daugherty Road, Pineville Road, CSX Crossing, Railroad Street, 2nd Street and Hwy 90.

Curb & Gutter / Drainage - Design to remove existing dangerous and ineffective ditches for drainage, creating a beneficial drainage design to assist in alleviating drainage problems in surrounding areas. Designed pervious entrances to all adjacent businesses and residences.

Bike Lane / Sidewalk - Pedestrian and Bike friendly design to accommodate existing residents, draw in new residents and create multi-use districts.

Boulevard / Landscape - Attractive, Welcoming entrance to both cities and the beach.

Signage Plan - Attractive, Welcoming entrance to both cities and the beach.

Lighting Design - Attractive, Welcoming entrance to both cities and the beach.

Access - Major Intersection enhancements to create a safer environment and easier access. Efficient residential subdivision access to east-west and north-south corridors.

Land Acquisition - Necessary for Community and Economic development, kept to a minimum where possible.

Beatline Business Council (Proposed) - More business traffic, easier service, easier to exit and enter roadway and business input.

Targeted Elimination - Rush hour traffic Flow, Deep open ditches, Caved driveways, Difficult exit/entry to businesses, No shoulders, Flooding of major north south corridor, Lack of evacuation and truck route, Unattractive entrance to 2 major coastal personalities, Major resistance to Economic Development on Beach and Industrial Park.

MOU Harrison County 

MOU  Long Beach 

MOU  Pass Christian 

BUILD 2019 Narrative 

BUILD 2019 Phase 1 Benefit Cost Analysis

BUILD 2019 Phase 1 NEPA Checklist

BUILD 2019 Phase 1 Construction Schedule 

BUILD 2019 Phase 1 Construction Cost 

BUILD 2019 Phase 1 NEPA Schedule 

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