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Mayor's Youth Council


Long Beach Mayor's Youth Council


The mission of the Long Beach Mayor’s Youth Council is to serve as role models in the community and among the youth of Long Beach. Youth council members develop leadership skills by taking an active role in city sponsored activities and youth lead initiatives aiming to engage citizens of all ages. The Long Beach Mayor’s Youth Council strengthens their community through volunteerism and increased communication with the Mayor and other city departments to improve the quality of life for the citizens in Long Beach.

Congratulations to the 2023-2024 Mayor's Youth Council!!

Jared Smith 

Kyle Huey 

Shane Patrick Walker 

Brooklyn Hudson 

Bridey Walters

Arlene Nguyen 

Secilia Gundlach 

Riley Morvant 

Brianna Carver

Bella West 

Trent Rishel 

Abigail Glass 

Kindall Stullenburger 

Chloe Fox 

Marlie Rath 

Jenna Shirk 

Kaylynn Moody 

Ava Smith 

Re'Ante Brown 

Please contact Courtney Cuevas if you have any questions. 

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Past Long Beach Mayor's Youth Councils

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